Striker Pierce Private Investigations provides a full range of investigative services across all fifty states and internationally.  Striker Pierce Private Investigations was founded in 2009 by Brian O’Shea and has conducted 3000 private investigations since that time in addition to hundreds of due diligence and intelligence collection operations within the same time frame for our corporate and non-profit client organizations. Our private investigators include former journalists, military intelligence & competitive intelligence collectors, political consultants, non-profit managers, legal experts, social media managers and cyber hacking specialists.

Striker Pierce Private Investigations also has a network of over 230 individuals across the United States and in 47 different countries to provide real-time, primary information direct from sources when needed. We focus our research on the 80/20 principal:  80% human or primary sources, 20% proprietary and private information databases.  We can assist you in almost any type of Private Investigation in all 50 States in the United States and also in many parts of the world and across numerous socio-economic classes as well as a variety of legal and commercial sectors.

Internationally this network includes representatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai/Abu Dhabi (UAE), Frankfurt (Germany), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Perth (Australia), Seoul (S. Korea), Hereford and London (England), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Athens (Greece), and Beijing, (China).

Whether your case is personal or professional in nature, large or small in  scale, Striker Pierce Private Investigations has the skills, experience, and past performance to continually solve most cases and also provide favorable outcomes for your situation or case.  Call today to learn more at 571-451-4833 or email us at


Striker Pierce Private Investigations was formed in 2009 in order to provide our customers with the highest quality investigations ranging from background checks on employees, nannies, home healthcare, and online dating interests to discreet surveillance, fraud investigations, and litigation support for legal defense law firms.  Since 2009, Striker Pierce has performed a total of over 3000 cases and has become the top rated firm on several nationally recognized service provider sites, was named “Best New Company” of 2013 for Arlington VA, and has been selected as the official investigative service provider for two hospitals, dozens of law criminal defense and IP law firms, and numerous individuals and small to large business.  Striker Pierce Private Investigations has clocked over 200,000 miles in case related travel and is the first choice among private investigations firm for a multitude of private and legal industry Clients.  Whether you are an individual with a personal situation, a large corporation with competitor issues, or a legal team needing actionable trial and case support, Striker Pierce Private Investigations has the skill and the past performance to make any case a success.