Brian O’Shea to Teach Journalists How to Detect Hostile Intent

Brian O’Shea, CEO of Striker Pierce Investigations will teach Global Journalist Security Students on January 26, 2017 in Maryland.

“You are the first and last line of defense…and your ‘gut feeling’ is something that should never be ignored.”— -Brian O’Shea , Striker Pierce Investigations


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, USA, January 25, 2017— Brian O’Shea, CEO of Striker Pierce Investigations (with locations in North Carolina, New York, Maryland and Washington DC) will join Frank Smyth and his team of top international instructors at Global Journalist Security during a 5 day course which teaches journalists and media figures how to protect themselves and escape from hostile scenarios that they may encounter in the USA and abroad. Designed for women and men living or working in environments where violent crimes including sexual assault pose an active risk, the two-day ADET workshop includes: situational awareness to avoid becoming a target, use of demeanor and tone of voice to help deter predators, and learning simple, but effective self-defense measures to help de-escalate situations and escape attacks. The course includes emotional self-care both to maintain equilibrium in the moment and to practice self-care afterward. Interested in this course? Contact us for more information.

Mr. O’Shea focuses on body language analysis, base-lining, and hostile intent that you can learn in any social situation to provide yourself early warning of ill-intent from potential sources, local hosts, security forces (overt and undercover) and any other individuals whom a journalist may encounter on the job.

Based on his over 25 years of experience in the intelligence, military, and criminal justice fields, O’Shea brings a unique and all encompassing perspective assessing human interactions and how to turn yourself into a human lie detector. Other applications outside the journalist field include interactions one may encounter on a blind date, in detecting a potential stalker, in determining if an employee may cause a business harm, and even if a competitor is trying to steal secrets.

“Everyone has a motivation, either good or bad. It is up to you to determine what that motivation is. These skills, when applied and practice, can keep you out of a dangerous situation before it is too late,” Brian O’Shea stated during a recent counter-stalking presentation to Students for Liberty in Tbilisi in the country of Georgia.

Courses of this nature are available to the public, and are highly encouraged.

“You are the first and last line of defense…and your ‘gut feeling’ is something that should never be ignored.” (Brian O’Shea in a recent conversation with victims of stalking in New York).


Article by Ayla O’Shea

Social Media Manager at Striker Pierce LLC