Human Capital Due Diligence

(Also referred to as Executive Pre-employment Investigations or Leadership Profiles).  Striker Pierce offers the highest level of due diligence to ensure your organization is hiring the right, top level executives and/or partners prior to making the costly investment of on-boarding.  Striker-Pierce provides its clients with full transparency on the executives or partners our clients are considering for top level positions.  Beyond normal records checks and nationwide court searches, Striker-Pierce uses proprietary algorithms to seek out potentially damaging social media posts, memberships, and social activity.  Further, Striker-Pierce conducts covert inquiries into an character, social interactions, and activities that would not normally become apparent in a typical background records search. Striker-Pierce has saved its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by allowing them to make a clear choice on the right executive.

Corporate Investigations and Counter Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence (or competitor intelligence) is the gathering of valuable intelligence on competitor products, prices, direction, and strategies. We help your business detect this practice in order to protect your valuable strategic and proprietary information.  We also help your firm investigate instances of unfair competitive intelligence collection in order to detect which of your competitors may be aggressively stealing your competitive information.  We have investigated hundreds of cases and responded to dozens of instances of suspicious activity that has involved unwitting recruitment of current employees, social engineering and social hacking at trade shows and conventions, and the systematic social hacking of your most sensitive business information from your own employees, board members, and other key personnel.  Our Team Leader, Brian O’Shea, was formerly a competitive intelligence collector and utilizes his knowledge and experience in this field to investigate and train Clients in the exact methodologies used by his former colleagues to obtain the most minute or highest level business intelligence.  If you think your company has nothing of interest to competitors or is immune to such attacks, think again.  The Striker Pierce Team has investigated incidents that have occurred in almost every sector of business including (but not limited to): healthcare, political campaigns, retirement associations, heavy industry, food and beverage, small to large restruant chains, law firms, and financial firms.  Competitive Intelligence is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, make sure your firm is ready to defend against it.

Custom Solutions

Striker Pierce also provides a variety of custom solutions for unique situations.  In the recent past Clients have called on Striker Pierce to help manage and/or mitigate threats from former employees and executives, online reputation attacks against businesses and individuals, penetration tests to ensure a company’s employees are not giving away valuable data, and monitoring of competitors to ensure that they are conducting fair business practices within the Client’s industry sector.  Striker Pierce is prides itself on providing discrete and “outside the box” solutions for these unique situations and issues while not causing any disruption to the Client’s daily schedule or business operations.  We have always produced results that solved the issue in a non-disruptive manner and while reducing the potential legal normally associated with such incidents.

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