Striker Pierce Private Investigations Announces Newly Enhanced Surveillance Packages

New Surveillance Packages with enhanced social media and IP email address tracking will bring customers closer to the transparency they are seeking.

New Surveillance Packages with enhanced social media and IP email address tracking will bring customers closer to the transparency they are seeking for alimony reduction, dealing with stalkers, cheating spouses and partners, or simply checking on the welfare of family members and loved ones without disrupting their lives. In addition to traditional surveillance with Striker Pierce Private Investigations’ top rate team (using only the best and most effective men and women from numerous professional backgrounds and licensed by appropriate area), the surveillance work now includes full background investigations and IP Address tracking/social tracking to enhance the effectiveness of its teams on the ground and provide valuable intelligence on the Subject of the surveillance directly to the customer to assist them in making the best decisions before, during and after surveillance.

Brian O’Shea, Striker Pierce’s CEO and Senior Investigator, explains what surveillance is, who needs it, and what this new enhancement means.

“Surveillance is simply the art of watching a Subject in a discreet fashion without letting that Subject know they are being watched. However, you cannot just do this from a car with a camera, you have to go deeper to truly tell the customer the story…to give them transparency. We now have a fully functional, 24/7 intelligence operations team who directly support the teams in the field to constantly update their awareness of where the Subject can be found, with whom they may be found, and even what restaurant or event they may be attending. This is important as the most difficult part of about surveillance is the initial locating of the Subject and the predictive analysis of where they may be going. But its more than that; we want to know as much about the Subject as we can before even selecting the right team for the job. If surveillance involves following a cowardly stalker through counter-stalking on a college campus, then we want to send a two person team that fits that demographic. If it is a corporate surveillance, then we will send our team’s with a background in that or a similar business so they can fit in. If its an infidelity case in the suburbs, then we want our people driving an SUV with a soccer ball stick on the back of the car. The enhancement of supporting our teams with our operations center allows them to arrive in the right clothing, adjust their methodology and actions to fit the environment, and even allows them to be one step ahead of the Subject by knowing every possible place that person may be going. You simply cannot have successful surveillance without constant intelligence updates…one does not work without the other.”

Our Clients have a right to know what is going on, we give that to them. — Brian O’Shea, CEO

Customers get a direct benefit as they are not only getting a timeline of the Subject’s activities while they were under surveillance, but are now getting an appended intelligence report that includes the Subject’s entire background and often times reveals things about the Subject they may not have known.

“We often find addresses, phone numbers, emails, and sometimes even crimes that the Client was completely unaware of. For example, we recently had a case where a Client was trying to reduce her alimony (spousal support) payments as her ex-husband may have been re-married or in a cohabitation relationship with his new love interest thus violating the original divorce agreement. Our Client was paying over $5000 a month in alimony to a guy who may have receiving living expenses and financial support from someone else…essentially he may have made an economy out of the women he brought into his life. Well we found out he not only had one new relationship…but had two! Two different women in two states who knew nothing about one another. In the end, our Client had a full surveillance report detailing his activities, locations and contact information for both women in his life, and a full, and a covertly but legally recorded confession from the Subject himself bragging about breaching the alimony agreement and tricking two other women into supporting his gambling and shopping addictions. She was able to take to court and free herself of these crippling support payments. We were successful because we knew so much about this guy and were able to constantly move our team to the right place, with the right personalities and conversation pieces, and the right apparel to fit in and get close to the Subject. Intelligence combined with surveillance combined with social engineering solved the case in three days.”

Striker Pierce provides all gathered intelligence with every surveillance report and even allows its Clients to call for additional advice and recommendations on what to do with the information collected.

“We do this for all of our Clients who need surveillance. A few pictures of someone going out to dinner just won’t cut it for us. We want to be our customers ‘eyes and ears’ in places and situations where they cannot be present. Further, we want them to be equipped with enough information to solve their problem. We won’t sit on the intelligence or charge more for it…it’s their case, not ours. Our Clients have a right to know what is going on, we give that to them.”


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