Small Business Solutions such as Competitive Intelligence, counter-competitive intelligence, and reputation defense have become vital tools for small business.

Striker Pierce CEO Brian O’Shea announced at a recent chamber of commerce event in Alexandria, Virginia that Striker Pierce Investigations one of the nation’s top Investigations firms, will now offer Small Businesses Solutions that range from Reputation Attack Investigations, Counter Reputation Attack, Competitor Analysis and Intelligence, and Risk Mitigation for new employees and for those who have been laid off or fired from their firms.

Small businesses have the same problems large corporations have, from unfair reputation attacks on popular market place sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, to not knowing what their competitors are doing, do dealing with problem employees.

Small business offerings are as follows:

-Reputation Attack Investigations: We can help you discover exactly who is posting false or misleading reviews and in many cases why.  How do we know how to do this?  Because we have been victims ourselves and have developed a comprehensive methodology in combatting and investigating such attacks.  In many cases, businesses can actually sue posters of these reviews if they are found to be libelous or damaging to the small business.

-Reputation Counter-Attack:  Yes, we fight back for you.  In cases when false reviews have been posted, 90% of the time this is done by a direct competitor.   Striker Pierce can discover which business attacked you, and then, in turn, will amplify all negative reviews against the unscrupulous businesses who originated the attack. The difference is that  Striker Pierce will only amplify that which is true about the competitor rather than fabricate any reviews.  In many cases,  Striker Pierce will covertly solicit services from the competitor and if such service falls short of the quality advertised, Striker Pierce essentially creates an entire campaign to warn the public of the competitor’s shoddy service.  This is an important service as it essentially isolates our Clients from further attack but also creates new opportunities for the Clients as their competitors are now rendered less of a threat to future business.

Competitor Analysis and Intelligence:  We can tell you what your small business competitor is doing, but more importantly, what they plan on doing!  Striker Pierce has performed this service since 2009 with stellar results for its Clients.  Whether you want competitor pricing, future pricing, new products, trade show attendance, or more, Striker Pierce has a vast network of intelligence sources to tell you exactly what your competition is up to.  The best part is, we guarantee our intelligence…if we don’t answer a questions, you don’t pay for that questions.

Risk Mitigation: Striker Pierce offers deep-dive pre-employment background checks as well as post employment monitoring.  For pre-employment, we provide a check that goes beyond public records but actually solicits character traits from the potential employees connections.  Further, our San Francisco-Based cyber team runs a social media search across the indexed web (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as well as the Deep Web (all 400,000 nodes of the peer-to-peer network) in order to ensure that the future employee is not participating in online activity that could be damaging to the small business’s reputation.  For employees that our Clients need to terminate, Striker Pierce provides monitoring and covert intervention in order to keep a scorned ex-employee from selling company secrets, doing physical or mental harm to current employees or to themselves, and ensuring that the ex-employee cannot harm any part of our Client’s ongoing business operations.

Overall, Striker Pierce saves its small and medium business clients large amounts of money by mitigating problems before they occur or reacting to client’s problems in an effective yet discreet manner.  Whether you are a small grocery story, restaurant, diner, custom tailor, rug cleaning service or any other type of business (we currently are providing services for one of the largest dog walking companies in the DC/Virginia area) we can help.  Also, and most importantly, we only represent one client per industry so there is no confusion as to who we are trying to help.

Call today for a free estimate for either a short term or long term solution.  571-451-4833 or 1-855-9-STRIKER or write in to and ask for “SMB Solutions Team.”

-Brian O’Shea, Striker Pierce Investigations