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Employment Background Check You think you need an Employment Background Check.  You like her, but your just not feeling sure.  It’s your first child and the woman in front of you is applying to be your new baby’s nanny.  You’ve already checked the online background check sites, which normally give you a ‘data dump’ for cents on the dollar.  But what if she is just a bad person with no criminal record.  What to do? He comes highly recommended.  You new sales candidate is charismatic, handsome, and as sharply dressed as he is articulate.  But how do you actually know if this is all an act for the interview, or what you can actually expect from you sales candidate in day to day operations.  You may need an Employment Background Check . These are the questions we hear at Striker Pierce Private Investigations every day.  “I like her, but how can I be sure?”  “He interviewed really well, but I can’t seem to get in contact with his references?”  These questions, and many more, continue through the hiring process.  Here is the problem:  you never really do know if the person is good or bad, and you never really will.  However, Striker Pierce’s Private Investigation’s Domestic Solutions Team can help increase the odds in your favor with regard to hiring the right person.   If you are not ready for this service, let us offer a few suggestions (in addition to an Employment Background Check) to help you make the right choice: First and foremost, create a check list with questions for the candidate and assign a simple scoring system.  If you have 10 questions, then they can earn 10 points.  If they earn less than 7 points, don’t hire them.  Here are some recommended items for your check list- (Remember, when you do purchase an employment background check to discuss the interview with your investigator). -Does the candidate show up to the interview on time?  Normally, a late candidate is a bad candidate (unless they hit unexpected traffic and CALLED to let you know).  Being late for an interview is a bad sign as it is an indicator or the value and respect the candidate holds for you, the job, and others in general.  Is this the rule?  Well, there are exceptions, but after over 600 cases, Striker Pierce’s Private Investigators have learned that this is true 9 times out of 10.  If they are late for the interview, mark this as a negative…they lose a point. -Is the candidate dressed for the interview appropriately?  An employee interviewing at any business should at least be wearing a tie or appropriate suit outfit for the interview.  A nanny should be dressed in comfortable yet professional attire.  Anything less is a sign of disrespect or failure to follow your instructions.  They lose a point if not dress appropriately. -Did the candidate fill out the ENTIRE application?  We have learned that when candidates leave blank areas on their application, then they are hiding something.  An address omission could mean an eviction or sex offense registry.  A wrong phone number or social could mean a criminal record. Etc Etc.  We have seen it all.  Each and every application we have investigated with omissions has led to suspicious discoveries about a person…if there is an unexplained omission, they lose a point. -NANNY INTERVIEWS:  Does he or she ask to pick up your child?  This is so vitaly important.  If the prospective Nanny picks up the child without asking, this is a violation of your boundaries as a parent.  However, if the prospective Nanny never asks and therefore never picks up the child, this means the person may only be a Nanny for the income, which could spell disaster for you and your child in the long run.  Doesn’t ask and doesn’t pick up the child, then they lose a point! -Asking about pay.  This is a good thing if they ask how much they will be paid.  Granted, this should occur towards the end of the interview, but if they never ask, this is a sign of uncertainty, insecurity.  When a candidate asks how much they will be earning this is an indicator of confidence and experience.  Give them a point! -You like them.  Plain and simple, you either like the person or you don’t.  Why is this important?  Because when you do not like someone upon meeting them, this is your primal instincts warning you about the person.  Maybe they are emitting waves of aggression?  Maybe they are subconciously pursing their lips too much…something is triggering your instincts.  The feeling of “not liking” someone is actually your brain sending you defensive alerts about the person…listen to you conscience, it really does have you best interest in mind.  And remember, don’t make excuses for the candidate (for example, ‘I don’t really like her, but she does come highly qualified’)  … listen to your instincts, shake her hand and dismiss her.  If you like them this is a good sign (Caveat:  As long as their other factors line up).  If you like the candidate, give them a point. These are a few of the recommendations Private Investigators here at Striker Pierce Private Investigations recommend.  The key is to listen to your instincts, follow your own rules, and remember what or who you are protecting with these techniques:  your child and/or your business.  However, even with these techniques we strongly recommend an Employment Background Check. Please feel free to call us for a free consultation or for free advice on interviewing, screening and selecting candidates.  Striker Pierce has on staff two executive recruiters with over 20 years of experience as well as being staffed with several managers with former HR backgrounds.  This, in addition to over 600 cases let’s us feel confident in the advice we give.  Or if you would like to schedule an employment background check (or employee background check), please call us at 1-855-9-STRIKER or direct at 571-451-4833.  Always feel free to use our submission form or email us at info@strikerpierce.com. -Brian O’Shea, CEO, Striker Pierce, LLC