Corporate Body Language Workshop

Striker Pierce offers corporate training regarding body language and social engineering.  If your staff needs to have a better understanding of how to “read” people and/or how to elicit information from competitors and partners alike, this course will provide the basic elements in learning how to effectively read and interpret non-verbal communications.  The next levels of this training take lessons from the initial training and take students to the next level: Social Engineering.

Social Engineering Workshops

Striker Pierce takes students newly acquired knowledge of body language reading and teaches students how to combine this skill with other communication and situational actions in order to control a situation.  This class is ideal for those who have taken the Striker Pierce Body Language course or already have a working knowledge of body language.  Past students of the Striker Pierce Social Engineering course have included corporate counsel, sales staff, HR staff, and those involved in corporate negotiations.  Each curriculum is custom designed to the Client’s environment and/or situation.  Custom environments include court and witness interviewing situations, sales and marketing situations, and negotiation situations.

Counter-Collection/Counter-Manipulation Training

This course is designed for businesses and firms who have been or may be targeted for “social hacking” or competitive intelligence collection.  This course trains students how to recognize when an individual or individuals are targeting them or their firm for collection of valuable intelligence.  This course is designed for any employee who is Client facing.  Additionally, this course is a must have for any Client employees who regularly attend and/or man conference booths and presentations.  Also ideal for Defense Lawyers who routinely conduct jury selection and witness interviews.