10 Biggest Cyber Crimes and Data Breaches to Date

Cyber crimes have grown manifolds over the years. It apparently looks that the technical prowess of bad hackers and criminals (not to be confused with the many “good hackers” or “hackivists”) well exceeds that of government and controlling agencies in the current times.

From attackers’ point of view, it’s about how to make the maximum impact to an organization or an individual.

In case of an attack to an organization, the impact of theft is usually measured in terms of monetary loss, consumer liability and the cost involved in brand discoloration. And that’s where the criminals tend to benefit most.

For government and regulatory agencies dealing with cyber crimes, it’s essentially required to stay abreast with technological advancements. They need to focus more on the downsides of a software and technology to identify the potential areas of exploit.

What’s even important is to stay ahead of criminals. That would not confidently put an end to cyber crime but certainly help controlling it to good extent.

Let’s take a look as to how severely some of the top organizations have been affected by cyber crime in the recent time as configured by thebestVPN.com resarch team.

Infographic: 10 cyber crimes

As we can see, cybercrime and data breaches pose a serious threat to small and big business alike. If you wish to learn more about how to protect yourself and other types of cybercrime, check out our other blogs on cybersecurity. Feel free to also contact us with any questions at (571)-451-4833 or info@strikerpierce.com. Because you deserve to know.

Infographic by TheBestVPN.com research team, check out their article here.