Brian O’Shea to Speak on Protecting Yourself and Your Organization from Social Hacking and Espionage



Brian O’Shea, CEO of Striker Pierce and the newly formed Thane Andrus Group, will speak on October 20, 2015 in Quebec City at the annual CQSI Conference: Le Carrefour de L’industrie de la Securite (“The Crossroads of the Security Industry”).

Brian O’Shea states the following as to why this is a critically important theme in a world where the focus of security and personal data protection seems to be exclusively focused only on cyber threats:

“One of the key threats to businesses and organizations today is information theft/collection. As more highly trained Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collectors enter the private market internationally, we are up against a new population of competitive intelligence collectors equipped with high business acumen, social engineering tools, and most alarming, application of traditional spy tradecraft.

This presentation takes you inside the process of how these operations are planned, funded, and executed. Regardless of your industry, this presentation reveals that it is the process that matters in collection which allows these hostile agents to collect against any industry, regardless of the complexity.

Presented by one of the most experienced and multi-disciplined intelligence experts in the world, this presentation will help the audience learn to identify the threat and defend against it.

The key takeaway: If you want to stop a spy, you must learn to think as a spy.”

Striker Pierce will be posting on Twitter and other social media live from the even which starts on Monday, October 19, 2015.