Social Hacking to Protect Corporate Secrets – Striker Pierce Now Offering Training


Striker Pierce is now offering counter social hacking and counter intelligence training to companies and individuals.

GATINEAU, QUEBEC, CANADA, December 4, 2014  — Brian O’Shea, CEO of Striker-Pierce LLC, has specialized in corporate investigations using “social hacking” and now is offering to teach companies and organizations how these investigations are conducted in order to recognize the threat.

Striker Pierce has used these techniques to conduct many corporate investigations. By teaching companies how social hacking is performed, Brian O’Shea feels that he can make companies a “harder target” for unethical or morally dubious players who may be trying to get at his Client’s secrets through social hacking.

“We’ve used these techniques for years, albeit in a legal and ethical way” Brian O’Shea mentioned at a recent Conference on Corporate Espionage. “Through our experience, we realized that not everyone is using these techniques appropriately…so we want our Clients to know the threat and learn how to defend against or counter it.”

The practice of social hacking is not illegal, but can be damaging especially when used for “aggressive competitive intelligence collection.” For example, some collectors will capitalize on kindness, taking advantage of people’s desire to trust or be polite. Others may pose as buyers or potential customers to win trust and start a conversation.

“We have actually never engaged in those particular types of activity, but we have seen it all around us,” continued O’Shea. “We just feel that those being targeted should at least be prepared for how to deal with such attacks.”

Matthew Little of the Epoch Times mentioned in a recent article on the subject: “Sometimes it helps companies figure out how their competitors cultivate clients, or provides detailed pricing so they can better market competing products.” But these are valuable pieces of intelligence, so protecting them is just as important.

“He wants to tell others how to protect themselves from being duped,” Matthew Little also wrote. And he couldn’t be more correct. Striker Pierce will soon offer this counter-social hacking training in numerous regions around the world. Striker Pierce currently offers this and similar services to various Human Rights Activists and even high risk individuals. Striker Pierce also offers comprehensive Social Hacking Penetration tests, hacking companies on their own behalf to identify weaknesses.

The new courses, being offered in early 2015, will focus on reconstructing how companies request data from social hackers, what type of information is normally targeted, and which approaches are normally used. The follow up courses will focus on the more finite skills used on “marks” or targets, such as body language manipulation or social engineering. In this area, Matthew Little commented “It’s grooming, and O’Shea is an expert.”

Striker Pierce encourages anyone to call their Headquarters in Alexandria, VA (USA) should they want to learn more or feel they are currently being targeted.

“I have said it before,” continues Brian O’Shea. “You cannot control being a target, but you can always make yourself a ‘harder target.'”

Ron Bauer
Striker Pierce, LLC